Thomas Friedman

The World is Flat

The Triple Convergence

Chapter 3





Globalization 3.0 was brought about by the convergence of three factors:

  1. The coming together of the ten great flattening forces described in Chapter 2.

  2. The development of business practices (and business people) to take advantage of the ten flattening forces.

  3. The emergence of billions of people who could play on this new playing field. (These people gained access to the field due to more liberalized economic and political systems - which resulted from the falling of the Iron Curtain).

The great triple convergence was obscured by another triple convergence:

  1. The bursting of the Dot Com bubble (which, according to Friedman, actually accelerated Globalization 3.0).

  2. 9/11 and the resulting War on Terrorism, which shifted focus from economic issues.

  3. Enron and similar corporate scandals, which fueled the public's distaste for big business, and which made George Bush wary of appearing to get too close to Big Business.